Friday, January 28, 2011

Saturday by Ian McEwan

 The novel is set on the day of the anti-Iraq war protests across central London (Saturday, February 15th 2003) and terrorism is on everybody’s mind. When the celebrated neurosurgeon, Henry Perowne, unusually wakes up in the middle of the night he can’t help but wonder whether there was a reason behind it. The day that follows is packed out with such detail that it is as though you are with Henry as he drives in his plush Mercedes across the crowded streets. The detail in which McEwan writes about Perowne’s craft, neurosurgery, is almost breathtakingly precise and detailed, as though he was writing a recipe for the correct procedure to remove blood clots. There are moments of gore, shock, warmth and in-between is the mundane every day activities which reassure that this could very well be any Saturday of any week.

'A man who attempts to ease the miseries of failing minds by repairing brains is bound to respect the material world, its limits, and what it can sustain – consciousness, no less. It isn’t an article of faith with him, he knows it for a quotidian fact, the mind is what the brain, mere matter, performs. If that’s worthy of awe, it also deserves curiosity; the actual, not the magical, should be the challenge.'


Shevah said...

Seems very interesting!

Becky-May said...

i love his books, they're quite heavy but o so detailed

The Flower Girl


Bethan. said...

I've yet to read anything by McEwan and I keep meaning to but for some reason he keeps eluding me - this sounds like a fantastic place to start!

kirst said...

thanks for stopping by, ill be following your "book nerds unite" feature for sure! totally agree with the motorcycle diaries - fell in love with Che whilst reading that... give london a kiss for me (i miss that place so much!!!!) xo

Is This Real Life? said...

Ooh i will have to have a look at this on Amazon, it sounds really interesting, i LOVE your book review section, im such a book geek seriously i think i keep amazon in buisness,Ha!

Stefany said...

Sounds good, def gonna check this out xx

Zsara said...

I'll definitely give London a kiss for you Kirst! You should come back and visit!! :)

I know what you mean - I think I'm keeping amazon in business as well, probably us two haha!


Sophie said...

Ive been after some more Ian McEwan books to read, only read Atonement at the moment. Might have to surf Amazon for this!

DaniD said...

I love your blog! It definitely appeals to all of my tastes! Following right now!

Nicola said...

I love McEwan (he spoke at my graduation!), but this is my least favourite of his novels. I dislike how the... um... thing that happens to his daughter is seen only through Henry's eyes, and there's no consideration of her feelings at all. There's a general feeling of a happy ending, but really, does she get that? (Sorry, I'm trying to be vague here because I don't want to spoil the story for anyone.)

Zsara said...

I know what you mean Nicola - it did seem strange that it was only from his perspective and that he tried to make it into a 'happy ending' type. I wouldn't necessarily say that her ending was unhappy though - I got the impression that she had a new life starting which was what he focused on?

(Sorry I've been so long to reply - I've been thinking about it for a while :) ) xo

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