Friday, March 25, 2011

the house lights gleam like small change

i love these poems; i think they capture the brilliance of two people having two very different and separate reactions from the same event. they're so different - the imagery, the reactions, the emotions are so separate. it always reminds me that no matter how similar you think two people are - there are always differences; just as two very different people might have similarities in the most surprising of places.



Rosie [a rosie outlook] said...

Just been reading back through your posts and am so glad I found your blog; you write such interesting posts! Your post about 'the person I will never be' really struck a chord with me - especially the Reading festival one. I went a few years ago filled with so much anticipation and excitement for this wondrous weekend that all my friends spent all year building up to.... and hated it!

Zsara said...

thank you - means a lot! :)

i know - it was always such a disappointment for me, especially since its not cheap! oh well, live and learn i guess! xo

Kat said...

i'm very late but this is wonderful, zsara. i love wuthering heights...

and i don't know when the makeover happened but the layout looks very good too <3

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