Sunday, May 15, 2011

introducing coco-loco

yesterday my family and i made the one hour drive to pick up a little bundle of chocolate labrador, namely, coco. who, by the way, has taken an instant fascination with all things technological and keeps trying to eat all my wires, my camera, phone and laptop! it's also nearly impossible for me to take a decent photo of her since she gets really excited when she sees the camera and won't sit still!

but here are some snaps of someone who should be called trouble!  

i have to keep reminding myself that she's going to be 10x that size soon and although it's sooo cute that she keeps wrapping herself up in my wires and chewing...everything, i think the novelty will soon wear off!

 i have this feeling that my life has just turned into a 'marley and me' type situation...and there i was thinking he was the exception to the labradors!

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