Sunday, July 10, 2011

one day: a review

A little late on the uptake but I finally got around to the much hyped 'One Day' by David Nicholls AKA the guy what wrote 'Starter for Ten'.   Visit the Amazon page and this book has tons of postive reviews from critics. It is the story of Dex and Emma - after meeting on the night of their graduation from university and the start of their grown up lifes we meet them on the same day through their friendship.  Dex travels the world while Emma slaves away at a tacky Mexican restaurant in London; her parents begging her to come home and 'work at the gas board'.  Gradually they grow up, find their way in life, with many ups and downs between.

The characters themselves are wonderfully developed; Emma and Dexter, this is, as the other characters we bump into on the day-long insight into their life are briefly described and even if we meet them on several occasions - the same descriptions seem to apply.  There is, however, a wonderful sense of watching these people grow up - something which is heightened because we literally meet this people for one day at year long intervals.   There are, however, some moments which are so predictable that it was borderline annoying.  You know when you are sitting watching a film and can see the plot coming a mile off?  Yeah, that.  There were some elements of surprise and if anything because the characters were so likeable and 'real' that kept me reading until the end.  I think that had I picked this book up randomly I would have been pleasantly surprised but having read Nicholl's work before and seeing rave reviews everywhere I went in with greater expectations which just weren't met.  That said, I think it is a good and engaging read - perfect for holidays, you can pick up easily from where you left off.



Sunny Sweet Pea said...

I agree with your review. I enjoyed it though. The film is coming out soon I think, with Anne Hathaway as Emma.

♥ Nadine ♥ said...

Ah, I've never got to read the book, but sometimes I think the author wrote about my life. Haha. I know roughly, what's happening... Want to read it, because my friend told me the end was a real surprise. Was it?
And yes, the trailer for the movie looked oh so good. :)

Thanks for sharing. XOXO.

Anonymous said...

oh i love reading books before the movie comes out, so i gotta read this one quickly! thanks for the review. i'm going to go into reading without much hope so that i'll {hopefully} be pleasantly surprised. ha! {think i can manipulate my mind that much?}

xo, lizzie

Casee Marie said...

Interesting review! I've had this book recommended to me so many times but just haven't had interest enough to give it a go. Something about the plot and the one-day intervals; I tend to like novels with a bit more basic flow, if that makes any sense? Though if the characters are interesting enough I'm sure it could still grab me. It definitely seems to have been a hit with the critics, and already with a film coming out, too!

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