Friday, October 28, 2011

Books which should only be read on a kindle...

- 'Mein Kampf': I'm genuinely interested to read this - and can't really picture myself sat on the bus openly reading it what with various connotations and all that jazz....

- 'Gone With The Wind' - it's just too heavy for me to carry around in my handbag. the end.

- 'Twilight' / 'Harry Potter' - don't get me wrong, I love them as much as the next person, but when you're reading in public you definitely want to look intellectual and not obsessed with vampires / wizards.  Or maybe a little bit obsessed... Plus: Harry Potter isn't light!

- Legitimate books with embarrasing titles... 'Perfect Girls and Starving Daughters' for example - one of my favourite books, which I read in private because I was scared people would think I had an eating disorder.  'Suicide' by Durkheim - a set text which I didn't want to seem like an instruction manuel.

- Raunch.  Do I really need to say any more?

- Any form of self-help book: empowerment, weight loss, finding the right man; stuff strangers don't need to know about us!

Can you think of any that I've missed?


Jane said...

I laughed while reading this post. I swore I'd avoid kindles and read physical books for as long as possible, but I'd never thought of a kindle that way before!

Anonymous said...

Try reading The Passage by Justin Cronin. Dark, so-gripping-it's-on-the-disbelieving-side ... but this book is 700 pages long and cannot physically be transported around unless you want to assume the superior look of somebody doing a History PHD and studying on-the-go. It looks like an encyclopedia. Incredible read, though!

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