Friday, October 21, 2011

The Week In Links....

fear and New York: Meg conquers her fear of going it alone - seriously, how many things have I missed out on because I didn't want to rock-up alone?  shocking.

ryan gosling on feminism: okay, i will openly admit to a huge crush on ryan gosling.  even his name is adorable (who doesn't love goslings?) the author of the blog doesn't know if he is a feminist but he's perfect in all other areas, so lets assume he is one - and very well read on his literature as well.

something for all aspiring writers to consider here

crab cakes and home-made tartar sauce - can i get a 'yumm-eeee'?? i've been perusing recipes because i'm already bored of the student staple of pasta and noodles.

pondering the idea of reading whilst on the toilet....

explaining the concept of eating boiled eggs with soldiers to someone and practically revolutionising their breakfast.  it really is the ultimate in comfort food.

i might also be listening to a lot of ricky martin - but this is purely 'revision' for my spanish class! (and a little bit to do with my love of cheesy music)

and inbetween that i've been on the lookout for people to write a little about their favourite book for my blog.  if you're interested in writing a little piece about your favourite book for 'the book' then please email me on: - i would love to hear from you!

hope you have a great weekend

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