Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Imaginary Books

Cover for Oolon Colluphid's Where God Went Wrong
Book Cover for Philosophy of the Mundane: Why The Muggles Prefer Not to KnowCover for Oolon Colluphid's Some More of God's Greatest Mistakes

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Life; London; this moment of June

Mrs Dalloway-Folio Society

For they might be parted for hundreds of years, she and Peter; she never wrote a letter and his were dry sticks; but suddenly it would come over her, If he were here with me now what would he say?--some days, some sights bringing him back to her calmly, without the old bitterness; which perhaps was the reward of having cared for people; they came back in the middle of St. James's Park on a fine morning - indeed they did.  But Peter - however beautiful the day might be, and the trees and the grass, and the little girl in pink - Peter never saw a thing of all that.  He would put on his spectacles, if she told him to; he would look.  It was the state of the world that interested him; Wagner, Pope's poetry, people's characters eternally, and the defects of her own soul.  How he scolded her! How they argued! She would marry a prime minister and stand at the top of a staircase; the perfect hostess he called her (she had cried over it in her bedroom), she had the makings of the perfect hostess, he said.
excerpt from 'mrs dalloway' by virginia woolf

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

the week in links 4

{had a bit of scheduling dilemma earlier this this is take 2 of this post, haha!}

the 50 essential feminist books - i have a lot of reading to do!

100 notable books for 2011 (can you believe 2011 is almost over?)

time to start making some home-made marmalade and chutney, yummmmy!

some christmas present ideas

a shakespearean insult generator - some are just pure class!

a life in writing by john grisham

this. siiigh.

theatrecraft: workshops free for people aged 16-25 on all the career opportunities in theatre.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides
by Jeffrey Eugenides 

I first discovered Jeffrey Eugenides’ debut novel, The Virgin Suicides, in high school. This is somewhat of a natural fit for me because I have always gravitated towards novels featuring strong, female heroines. My mother and I read this book at the same time and it sparked many lengthy discussions. The subject matter is dark, but the collective narrator’s tone is mysterious and adolescent, not sinister.

A few years after reading it, I read Eugenides’ second novel, Middlesex, which prompted me to go back to The Virgin Suicides. Upon my second reading, I loved it even more. Eugenides recreates 1970s Detroit suburbia with vivid, sensory details that immediately engage the reader. The four Lisbon sisters who (I assume I’m not spoiling anything here) ultimately take their own lives are vague impressions—almost extraterrestrial in their eccentricities:

“Sometimes we caught sight of tattered knee socks rounding a corner, or came upon them doubled over, shoving books into a cubbyhole, flicking the hair out of their eyes. But it was always the same: their white faces drifting in slow motion past us, while we pretended we hadn't been looking for them at all, that we didn't know they existed.” 

I love this book so much that it is still my favorite, even after writing a chapter of my master’s dissertation on it…pretty amazing. If the macabre events of The Virgin Suicides initially deter you from reading this novel, take a chance and pick it up! It is beautiful and challenging by asking the readers to draw their own conclusions.

Also don’t forget about the 1999 film adaptation by Sofia Coppola. Of course, it is nothing compared to the book, but definitely worth a watch—if for the soundtrack by Air alone.

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