Monday, November 7, 2011

The Beautiful & Damned


"In the foyer of the theatre they waited a few moments to see the first-night crowd come in.  There were opera-cloaks stitched of myriad, many-coloured silks and furs; there were jewels dripping from arms and throats and ear-tips of white and rose; there were innumerable broad shimmers down the middles of innumerable silk hats; there were shoes of gold and bronze and red and shining black; there were the high-piled, tight-packed coiffures of many women and the slick, watered hair of well-kept men - most of all there was the ebbing, flowing, chattering, chuckling, foaming, slow-rolling wave effect of this cheerful sea of people as tonight it poured its glittering torrent into the artificial lake of laughter..."

F. Scott Fitzgerald

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