Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Favourite Book: Kate of 'Curiosity Kate'

Illustration Friday: Diary

I Capture The Castle
by Dodie Smith 
There are so many books that I could've picked - so many stories that I love and have become a part of me - but "I Capture the Castle" by Dodie Smith is one that's kind of stayed with me since when I first read it aged about eleven.

It's got all the elements of a typically dreamy romantic novel - a 1930s setting, a crumbling old castle, two beautiful-but-poor heroines and two handsome and rich American young men living in the nearby manor house. The book is full of things I like - countryside walks, candlelit confessions, trips to glamorous thirties London, fur coats, muddy shoes, mugs of hot cocoa, subtle kisses, dancing - and shares my deep appreciation and love for the English countryside. It's as British as you could get.

And the really good thing is that Dodie Smith is a great writer, so instead of being a lightweight and shoddy read, the novel is actually really thought-provoking. It's written in diary form, penned by Cassandra Mortmain, a girl I feel could be ME (hence why my twitter name is katemortmain).The book begins with one of the most famous opening lines in literary history ("I write this sitting in the kitchen sink.") and contains the one of the most memorable descriptions of a Midsummer's Day I've ever read.

I return to it again and again when I'm in need of some comfort, or when I want a reminder that life will always be full of beautiful and romantic things.

Many thanks to 
Kate of 'Curiosity Kate'  
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