Sunday, December 11, 2011

links of the week: six!

well, these powerful pictures from 2011 had me in floods. number 20, i have to admit had me bawling.

are you a member of goodreads? if not, why not. they give away copies of books all. the. time. plus you can share with everyone (including meee!) which books you're reading at the moment! which you loved / hated etc. 

some old posts from this time of year in 2010 and 2009 showed me how far i have come personally, and how this here blog has changed a lot too!

a year in reading: nick moran

this is amazing - a picture composed of approximately 3 million dots; so talented!

Hero from Miguel Endara on Vimeo.

and lastly... if you haven't already gotten involved and shared your favourite book....what are you waiting for?! click here for more details!

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