Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mrs Dalloway

'Clarissa (crossing to the dressing table), plunged into the very heart of the moment, transfixed it, there - the moment of this June morning on which was the pressure of all the other mornings, seeing the glass, the dressing-table, and all the bottles afresh, collecting the whole of her at one point (as she looked into the glass), seeing the delicate pink face of the woman who was that very night to give a party; of Clarissa Dalloway; of herself.'

have you read it?  what did you think?

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Bee. said...

I found Mrs Dalloway extremely hard to read. I really couldn't read it!!

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel - the first time I 'read' it I stopped when I realised there weren't any chapters - it's so dense. I had to read it again for uni though - much better the second time round :)

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