Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What About Breakfast At Tiffanys?

well friends, if you happen to have the tidy sum of $5.8m lying around and you're wondering what to invest it in...this is where i come in very handy.  look at this apartment you could buy me! i would (naturally) be super thankful for your generosity - inviting you around for tea and chit chat every fortnight maybe? i may even bake for the occasion.  bottom line = i want this apartment.

why you ask?  
why should i invest almost $6m on you? besides your wit, charm, and promises of cups of tea every other week?

what do you reckon? 
is it worth that much to live in the same pad as a certain ms. golightly?
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A Lost Feather said...

ah i love all the book space.. hehe yup if i had a few million i might look into it.. i do love ms go lightly and her cat, cat.

Bella Luna said...

Wow! If you move in can i come and enjoy the aura of Ms Golightly :)


Alexandra C said...

I think I would die happy if I lived in this place....come on lottery numbers make me happy!

Anonymous said...

you're all more than welcome to visit (once i've found the money, from, er...somewhere!) xo

Katrina said...

oh gawd so so beautiful im so dying to own an apartment

xo katrina

Paris said...

i'd rather have an apartment than a home, especially in the middle of the city, in the middle of life and nonstop excitement. it's worth the price for such a famous (and fabulous) place, let alone for Holly Golightly's!
--Paris :)

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