Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Famous Five

 The Famous Five Series
by Enid Blyton

As a bespectacled English degree studying bookworm who's second home comes in the form of a library, I'm frequently treated to an eye roll that cements my predictability before I'm asked the following question: 'What's your favourite book?'. 

Being an English student, I feel my whole body fill with dread whilst I attempt to remember every novel I've ever enjoyed or willingly read past the preface - sorry Sense and Sensibility! My mind contemplates the possibilities; I want to seem well read but I don't want to name the latest fad novel! My favourite novel(s) may surprise you. 

Hello, I'm Bee and my favourite novels are Blyton's Famous Five book series. That's right, I embrace my intense apprehension, and genuine fear, of Uncle Quentin and I willingly become engrossed in the sheer glut of ginger beer and picnic food that they're always blessed with on their unimaginable journeys. I have always wanted to be the sixth member of their gang. Whether they were just simply going camping or whether they were exploring an island or investigating Smuggler's Top...I was always gripped and amazingly jealous! 

I'd read a book a day and would never become tired of Blyton's twee descriptions and classic 'shock horror' narrative twists and turns. Regardless of age, reading ability, patience or budget, you need these books in your life! I still read the very same editions that my mother read when she was a child in the 1970's and I can't wait to someday read those very same books to my own children/mass of cats. 

If you're looking for a nostalgic adventure from the comfort of your own warm bed, grab Five on Treasure Island, make a brew and prepare to kiss goodbye to a whole afternoon in the 'real world'. Don't worry, there's 20 others to keep you occupied afterwards ;)

(Can I just say, I'm totally with Bee on loving The Famous Five series and am also an English Student! Must be summat in the water! ;) ) 
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