Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Literary Crushes!

Considering it's a certain day, I thought I would have a themed post, about my personal favourite literary crushes.  I still find it hard to accept that some of these men don't actually exist (I should probably add that I am coming to terms with this fact, just more slowly than other people...)

Ron Weasley
The ten year old version of me felt like I should fancy Harry, since he was the brave hero, but I quite liked his gangly and awkward side-kick. The massive, annoying family was something we definitely had in common, as was dodgy knit-wear.  Then the film came out and all crushes were gone. Sorry, you were just so much better in my head!

Michael Moscovitz
AKA the perfect man.  
Funny, intelligent, kind, he went off to Japan to save the world by making a robotic arm, he wasn't threatened by his girlfriend being a princess, and he had a nice smelling neck.  What more can you want from a guy?

Mr Darcy
Do I really need to elaborate on this one?  Except that maybe I have 'a thing' for socially awkward guys?

Mr Rochester
Okay, yes, he's 'ugly', but he's also misunderstood, dark, and mysterious. Perfect swoon-worthy material.

Noah Calhoun 
(I'm going to admit, this one is based entirely on the film)

Some other literary crushes can be found here - it's amazing how 'diverse' they are!
Who's your literary crush??
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Bella Luna said...

Noah Calhoun..all day every day, and Landon Carter from 'A Walk to remember'...in fact any man written by Nicholas Sparks is guaranteed to cause me to hopelessly full in love...xxx

Alice said...

Noah in the book wooed me far more than Noah in the film.

And Mr Darcy, yes yes yes, though based on Colin Firth.

Unpublished Life said...

Mr Rochester is my ultimate literary crush ...

Also Landon Carter in A Walk to Remember (Another one of Nicholas Sparks's books). His love for Jaime ... sigh ... love that book so much.


Casee Marie said...

Mr. Rochester! So lovely that you included him, he's definitely one of my literary crushes. Despite his "unattractiveness" and initial harshness, he's such a powerful and passionate man, and so devoted to Jane in his way. I always fancy a good Byronic hero. Captain Wentworth is another - that letter in Persuasion, I mean really.

I think my very first literary crush, though, and probably my biggest was Rhett Butler. And of course I have to say Jamie Fraser from Outlander. Le sigh!

Bee. said...

ugh, Noah and Ron - YES YES YES! I adore them.

Rochester, really?! Hahahaa.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes definitely Mr Darcy, he's just got that quality to him that really makes me want to meet him. Plus he's dark and I like dark guys (see my boyfriend!).

I also had a major crush on Teddy from Little Women, I have to admit though the film does help ;)

Ani. said...

Oh, I have a really odd taste in books, so... literary crushes is a bit of a tricky question...

Kim said...

All of the above and I want to add Rhett Butler, Gone With The Wind to the list. Suave, gentlemanly with a hint of old fashioned bad boyness. *Sigh*

Kel said...

Okay so I'm not sure how many of you have heard of this guy, but my favorite literary crush has to be Tristan from Song of the Sparrow by Lisa Ann Sandell. I was reading this book while my friends were talking, and I just started freaking out(outloud) at how wonderful this guy was! HE was just perfect in every way!


That last photo is so funny! Definitely stealing!

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