Monday, May 21, 2012

Delicacy By David Foenkinos

Suddenly he understood that he couldn't stand not having love anymore, that he was suffocating by living in a desiccated world.  No one took him in her arms, no one showed the slightest bit of affection when it came to him.  Why was it this way?  He'd forgotten the existence of kindness.  He was excluded from sensitivity, from delicacy.
Natalie meets the love of her life on the streets of Paris, having grown up in the same town, it seemed like fate when they bumped into each other, got married without a fuss, settled down to happy years of marriage together, until one day, Francois is killed in an accident.  And her life, and love, are not whole any more. She throws herself into her work, rejecting advances from a boss who only hired her because he was attracted to her, she instead falls in love with a quirky nobody of the office who is the eccentric and bumbling to her chic beauty.

It isn't a complicated plot, it's quite simple, but each chapter of prose is punctuated by a snippet of 'real life' information about the characters.  Natalie would get a train, and the details of her journey are listed, or the pages in the novel she was reading, the characters in the play.  It's this sort of intimate details which add thickness and a reality to the plot which is missing in similar novels.  You can see how real life events mirror the books we are reading or the seemingly 'random' choices which we make.

The prose itself is beautifully written.  I believe that the subject matter: love, is something many have attempted to write about and failed.  But Foenkinos takes a new perspective - his writing is delicate, intricate, and refreshing.  You dive into the characters thoughts, musings, passions, emotions and then contrast this with the real-life mundane details as I said before, of the train which they caught or the newspaper article they were reading.
Ultimately, it's a charming read, full of intricacies and a touching storyline, you really do feel for the characters.  I loved every second of reading it!
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Anonymous said...

This looks like a beautifully written book...I can't wait to read it! I love how you describe books...It makes me want to read all of the books you talk about :)

Anonymous said...

haha thank you! It is a wonderful book, you'll have to let me know how you find it if you read it :) xo

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