Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Reading!

It's that wonderful time of year again! I apologise in advance if you don't have quite as long a holiday as us students (and an especially huge apology to those with no summer holiday at all - my heart goes out to you).  Here are some of the books which I am aiming to read over the coming months, and hopefully share with you all, and I would love it if you could comment and share the books you'll be devouring.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

I remember studying this to death at secondary school. I also remembering swearing that I would never read this book again, thinking Atticus is the perfect father, and my friend's crush on Boo Radley (probably best not to ask!).  I feel like I'm now ready to actually read this book for pleasure now that I'm over my exam-related phobia of this classic.

I've never read it, and feel like it's one of those must-read classics, which has just happened to be sitting on my bookcase for years, untouched.  I always feel a bit daunted when it comes to Russian literature though - so I'll let you know how I get on!

Sophie once led a seminar of mine on short stories and asked us to raise our hands if we dabbled in writing before mentioning that she tried it 'once in a while'.  This seminar was in November - and now look!  She's undertaking a phd at the University of York and entered a competition for young new authors under 30.  She won, which meant she had to finish the novel in 30 days (and wrote a great blog post about writing a novel under so much pressure here.)  I couldn't be happier for Sophie - she really is lovely, and since it's been described as 'terrific' by Philip Pullman, I can't wait to get stuck into Rites!

There are several things which make me want to read Wayward - it is self-published and financed by Tom Gates (I always think if it's a DIY book there's just a 1000x more love behind those words than another dashed off formulaic book).  It's a collection of hilarious, honest, and gritty travel stories (which will only add to my wanderlust).  And the price - the kindle edition is only a few pounds, bargain. Gimme!

I have a confession to make.  I read a wonderful review of this when it first came out in 2011 and ordered it immediately.  It has since sat on my bookshelf untouched as other books and projects took precedence (I'm sorry little book).  It's described as 'a controversial first novel that took the French literary world by storm and won the Prix de Flore, Tristan Garcia uses sex, friendships and love affairs to show what happens to people when political ideals - Marxism, gay rights, sexual liberation, nationalism - come to an end.'  And I can't wait to read it this summer!

Now it's your turn - what is on your reading list for the summer months?

ps: if you're still at a loss for something to reading this summer Stylist magazine have compiled a list (you can never go wrong with a good old-fashioned list!)

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Renee said...

I'm thinking about reading Anna Karenina too! Ever since I saw the trailer for the new movie adaptation last week, I've been feeling guilty for never even giving it a shot. It's just so huge! I do hope I get around to it though. I was always planning to someday.

Alice said...

I miss being a student! Although, now I don't have to study books or read text books I do have the joy of reading for fun all year round.

I hope you find a little more enjoyment in To Kill a Mocking Bird (possibly my favourite book ever) this time around, studying a novel really can kill it sometimes.

So far on my summer list I have Dreamcatcher by Stephen King and anything on my Before 30 list.

Roban said...

I just happened across your blog and saw those beautiful bookcases, which I'm about to go look at more closely. I thought I would let you know that I began reading Anna Karenina in the spring. It wasn't difficult to read, but it was just a bit boring. I kept thinking it would get better page after page, chapter after chapter, until I finally laid it down and moved on to others. I'm not giving up on it yet though.

Claudia said...

I reread These too. Anna Kerenina was boring - but I did get through it. As an avid reader, I will check your blog out often.

Chris M. Wroblewski said...

I'm reading a lot of murder mysteries. Steven James is a good thriller/FBI profiling author. I'm currently reading Deeper Than Dead by Tami Hoag.

The classics I may read include Dracula and Sherlock Holmes.

Harvee Lau said...

I'm also reading mysteries - cozies and thrillers. Just posted a review of the Fear Artist by Timothy Hallinan.

Zaftig Diva said...

I picked up a stack of books outside my usual genre and have completed two - Chasing Darkness by Robert Crais and The Mercedes Coffin by Faye Kellerman. I give a pass on recommending these and will return the other four that are waiting. Now I am reading And This Too Shall Pass by E Lynn Harris. We'll see. I like to wade through to the finish before I render an opinion. Missing Dean Koontz and Tom Robbins at the moment, but they are on the shelf waiting.

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