Saturday, August 25, 2012

Independent Book Stores

Hello fellow book-worms!
As I ranted last night on twitter about the state of book prices, with amazon able to charge more than 50% less than independent book stores, I decided that I would do my bit (however small that may be) to help Independent booksellers.  Starting with - the ones on the street.  
I appreciate that my blog reaches a far wider audience that just the UK, and so whilst I am very happy to patrol the streets of the UK looking for Independent Booksellers I would love for my international readers to get involved.
If you have a bookstore which you're passionate about - please send me an email or tweet and we can arrange a little post here.  Hopefully we'll have a great collection of worldwide bookstores - and a little link on the side for new visitors to see where they can buy their next read ;)
Also - if you have any hints/tips for little things which every person can do to help independent booksellers - leave a comment, because I'm sure everyone here would much rather support the stores on the street before companies like Amazon just swallow up the book industry entirely!

So, in conclusion, what I am asking for is:

1. independent book store recommendations / posts
2. little ways everyone can help support independent book stores

thank you, and happy reading!
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jen said...

Salts Mill Bookshop. Saltaire nr Bradford. Amazing store, the best selection of titles. We always buy more than we set out to do! x

Hellbilly Hollywood said...

Books by the Sea in Panama City, Florida. Great little place with books all the way to the ceiling. Looks like something out of the 70s. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Ahh buying more than you intend is always the sign of a good book shop!

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