Saturday, September 22, 2012

Caitlin Moran: Moranthology

I'll be honest - this time last year I had never heard of Caitlin Moran.  Then this happened and suddenly I was a convert - reading everything and anything that she had written.  She is a columnist for The Times and somehow found the time to write a little book called 'How To Be A Woman', where she took on (and shook-up!) feminism,  in between writing her three weekly columns.  I can only assume her passion for feminism was a great motivational tool!  This is a collection of her columns which she has written over the years on a substantial number of varied topics including --

Caffeine, Ghostbusters, Being Poor, Twitter, Caravans, Obama, Wales, Marijuana Addiction, Paul McCartney, The Welfare State, Sherlock, David Cameron Looking Like Ham, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson's Funeral, Big Hair, Failed Nicknames, Sexy Tax, Binge-Drinking, Rihanna's Cardigan, Party Bags...

Why do I love her so much? Quite simply because she's hilarious.  She makes excellent observations, which make you laugh, and at the same time consider often serious topics from a new light.  You learn something, you feel entertained.  What's not to love?

She also interviews celebs a lot.  Including a now super-famous interview with Lady Gaga in Berlin which culminated in them all going off to a sex club in Berlin, dancing the night away, and Lady Gaga doing a wee in front of her (she was then able to put an end of the 'Gaga's a Man' rumours which were circulating at the time).  

Not every column is mind blowingly refreshing writing - but the majority, in my opinion, is.  And if you in anyway enjoyed "How To Be A Woman" I dare say you'll enjoy Caitlin's new collection as well.  It's not as good as HTBAW (it takes far too long to type out the title each time, I'm sorry) - these are only short comment pieces often of around 500-1000 words range.  But it is definitely worth a read.

PS: on a completely irrelevant note -- it is so refreshing to not only be reading a real life book for a change - but also a hardback.  there are some things which a kindle, no matter how excellent, cannot replace!
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Unpublished Life said...

I have seen this book all over the place ... sounds really good!! I definitely need to get my hands on this book ... it is so refreshing to read genuinely funny female columnists!

Thanks for sharing!

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