Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Newspaper Ads for Books

As we walked past Waterstones in Piccadilly, my friend recalled the time she was there, at midnight to buy a certain book. The book in question was the last in the Harry Potter series. Future generations will not know what it was like to finish one book and have to wait YEARS for the next to come out - why couldn't JK Rowling write a bit quicker?! You would wait AGES for it to come out and have finished it in a day. It seems funny then to think of books before our generation, right, which weren't considered 'classics' but rather new and exciting books which you should read. Here's some of the original advertisements for some books you may have heard of ;) 

This post has been unashamedly borrowed from the wonderful 'Brain Pickings' a site which I highly recommend you check out - full of literary posts as well as other intellectualisms.  Perfect for your inner nerd who would love to learn something new!
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Alice said...

The wait for the next Harry Potter felt like a life time! And now as an adult I am in the same position with the Song of Ice and Fire series.

It is strange seeing print advertisements for books, I am so used to seeing reviews on the internet of TV adverts - fascinating how really word of mouth and these adverts would be the only means to sell a novel.

ELVIA said...

This is super fascinating; thanks for sharing!

I really love the F. Scott Fitzgerald and Truman Capote ads. Which ones are your favorite?


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