Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year's Resolutions...

How many of you have resolved to 'read more' this year?
I don't know about you but I struggle to 'read for pleasure' simply because I spend most of my days reading something.  I don't give up on reading during the term time. I'm reading essays, plays, novels, poems, and often I won't just read them once, I'll read them twice or thrice over.  Eventually my head is swimming with words and the last thing I want I would be able to do is read for pleasure.
As much as I console myself with that excuse when I find that another term has ended and I have only read books for my course I don't think I am being truly honest with myself.  You see, I suffer from a slight snobbery when it comes to reading.  There are so many 'classics' waiting impatiently on my bookshelves because why would I bother reading something simple, easy on the brain, relaxing even...when I could read a classic.  
It's no wonder I won't do any reading 'for pleasure' when apparently my idea of doing something 'for pleasure' must incorporate education as well.  Or worse still, when I cajole myself for not reading a book quickly enough.  I really do know how to take the enjoyment out of things, don't I?
As I finished off reading Sophie Coulombeau's Rites this week I found that I had actually not only been able to read something in between my various plays and papers for my assignments but that I had enjoyed being able to read something different.  
Isn't it wonderful how much more enjoyable reading becomes when the pressure to read the right thing is off?  
This post is inspired by Casee Marie's wonderful post dedicated to the people who 'wish they read more'.

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Tony Collins said...

its like you read my mind, this post sums me up, i enjoy reading a good novel and that feeling of satisfaction after finishing a book is amazing, but i seem to never find the time too, but im going to make it a priority, thanks for the reminder! (:

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