Saturday, June 15, 2013

Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Let me start off by saying: aaaaah it's soo good!
If you have yet to encounter Gone Girl it is essentially the story of Amy's sudden disappearance on the day of her fifth anniversary.  Her husband Nick receives a phone call and rushes home to find their living room in disarray and his wife, who normally would never leave the house in such a state, is gone.  It's told through Amy's diary entries from their earlier years of marriage alongside Nick's diary entries of the days after she disappears.  It is a story of long term relationships, trust, and manipulation.  It is a bloody good story at that.

It turns out that Amy and Nick: the perfect New York couple are not so perfect after all.  Amy is the daughter of writer parents who based their bestselling children's series on her and she lives off of a tidy lump sum - which her parents then need back due to the economic downturn.  Nick loses his job in the recession as well and shortly afterwards his mother is diagnosed with Cancer forcing them to move away from their expensive Manhattan pad to a small house in Missouri.  Amy struggles to settle in - she doesn't find a new job and Nick resents her for doing nothing all day.  Their marriage is not what it used to be.  They struggle to talk to one another any more.  So when Amy goes missing - Nick is automatically the police's number one suspect.

Flynn manipulates the unreliable narrator to its best usage.  You have no idea who to trust and who to believe.  You just have to keep turning the pages in order to find out more information to develop your own opinions.  There are constant twists and turns and Flynn manages to keep several balls up in the air at once whilst writing in a literary way.  It isn't a simple thriller - she makes you think, makes you question, makes you keep reading.

My only complaint: the ending.  What was that? It wasn't what I wanted - I would be interested in seeing if you guys actually liked how she ended things!  It wasn't that the ending was badly written or sloppy...just I wanted better for them! (Sorry, I can't say more without spoilers!)
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Lisa Hollins said...

I read this for my book club but didn't get the chance to go to the meeting and discuss it so i'm always looking to chat about it with someone! I absolutely loved the book and couldn't put it down but like you I felt disappointed at the ending as I wanted there to be a resolution. Loved the way it was written though, my emotions kept changing as to who I felt sorry for. Thoroughly recommend to anyone! x.

Becci Charlton said...

Very tempted to purchase this book, sounds completely up my street. Fab review x x

Go Book Yourself! said...

I keep meaning to buy this. Everyone raved about it. Definitely getting it now.

Squares said...

I know exactly what you mean, I felt a bit cheated by the ending! I wasn't really expecting that, but it wasn't a good surprise like all of the other twists in the book. Have you read her other novels? I know Gone Girl gets all the hype, but I love Dark Places! Another one that keeps you guessing! xx

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