Saturday, September 14, 2013

Books Are My Bag

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TODAY (14th September) 
bookshops, publishers, literary magazines, and bookworms up and down the UK are uniting to celebrate bookshops.

I thought I would share my experience with dwindling local bookshops in a hope to spark some conversation about this problem affecting high streets up and down the country:
Turners' Bookshop was long and narrow.  You had to push the long glass door with a dark wooden frame quite hard for it to open, with a little jingle, and the lovely lady would come running down the stairs to welcome you in.  As you walked through the door, you were immediately greeted by the books for adults, which was boring and pointless (in my opinion).  Rushing through to the back I would stand and gaze at the shelf which had every. single. famous. five. book. ever.  This was my Everest.  Being able to stand there, taking in every title, memorizing the ones I had already read and the others which I still needed to buy.  It wasn't long until I was negotiating an increase in my weekly pocket money from my father to cover the cost of one Famous Five book a week.  He and I would come in every Saturday, regulars, he in the front section, and me standing staring at these perfect books.  They were sooo much better than library books - they were still shiny, the spines weren't bent, and as far as I was concerned I was the first person,ever, to read them (Enid Blyton and I had a special arrangement).  
Sadly, Turners' closed down when I was around 11 years old, so I never really got to make any use of the adult section which I always rushed through.  Now, according to the national bookshop database my nearest bookstores are supermarkets.  Supermarkets, whilst good for stocking bestsellers at low prices, are not the same as bookshops.  
Now is the perfect time to go and appreciate your favourite bookshop whilst they are still around! Go, stare at the books, maybe even buy a couple!  And be sure to pick up a 'books are my bag' bag ;)! 
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Nell C said...

There was an amazing bookstore not too far away from me a few years ago, and it was incredible. The owner had obviously hand selected all the titles, as there were amazing books that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere, and for such low prices. Unfortunately the store only lasted perhaps a year, and I sorely miss it.

Loved reading your memories here!


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