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Ellen Branford is a high-powered New York attorney; engaged to the man of her dreams Ellen couldn't be happier.  This happiness, however, doesn't last too long as Ellen's grandmother is suddenly taken ill.  With her dying breath she asks Ellen to deliver a letter to an old friend in her home town in Maine for her.  She had been meaning to send the letter herself but was too scared that the letter would return unopened so instead left it.  Before Ellen could ask any questions about the recipient, content, or meaning of the letter her grandmother passed away.  Leaving Ellen with so many questions that she decides to hand deliver the letter to her grandmother's home town to try and solve some of the secrets her grandmother had been hiding for so long.

Arriving in the picturesque Maine it's not long before Ellen makes a big-splash (pun intended) across the local media when she nearly drowns only to be saved by a local hero, Roy.  Unlike real life, Roy is not an overweight man in his fifties, but rather a loveable stud (aren't they always in these books?), who is just waiting for the right woman to sweep him off his feet.  Ellen shakes off the swimming incident, determined to proceed with her investigation into her Grandmother's history.  She soon discovers the house of the mystery man her Grandmother was writing to - but there is no answer.  She decides to stay a while to see if he returns.  As she travels through Maine she discovers that her Grandmother, who taught her photography, was an avid painter.  Her paintings won prizes and gained her a place at art school yet as far as Ellen was aware, her grandmother went to Chicago University.  And it soon transpires that the roguish Roy may just be the only person who is able to help her discover the truth behind the mysteries her Grandmother left behind...

This is a wonderfully lighthearted read: full of vivid descriptions of the landscape, food, and people of Maine (I really want to visit it now!).  Ellen has a wonderful journey of self discovery as it transpires that she isn't such a New Yorker through-and-through as she had thought.  The same woman who would only eat chicken finds herself tucking into lobster with butter sauce, cider apple doughnuts, and of course plenty of blueberry muffins! The more Ellen discovers about her Grandmother's past, the more Ellen wants to allow herself to rediscover her own personal past, her creative side away from the office.  She becomes less concerned with her appearance and more concerned with her identity.  Opening herself up to the wonderful Roy, who is just standing on the sidelines, waiting to change her life for good...

This is the kind of book which will pick you up and cheer you up on a cold, damp, rainy day -- perfect for Autumn! ;)

(psst: the author, Mary Simses, preempts your cravings for blueberry muffins by including a recipe on her website [HERE] - I've yet to try them, so let me know how you get on if you do!)


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Charis Sharpe said...

Sounds like a great read, I'll keep an eye out for it!

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