Friday, December 20, 2013

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe by Abby Clements is the story of two childhood friends: Laurie and Rachel living polar opposite lives the women, now in their mid-thirties, are counting down the days to two very different Christmases.

Laurie is single, living in London, thriving in her new position as head of accessories for a fashion brand whilst Rachel is preparing for Christmas by baking her mother-in-law's famous recipes for her two children and childhood sweetheart husband Aidan.  This is until Aidan's mother, Bea, is advised to go under observation in a London hospital after a few dizzy spells and with no way to afford the expensive hotels Rachel asks Laurie if she wouldn't mind her family staying with her for a few weeks.  Meanwhile Laurie has been preoccupied with her failed romance with her swoony neighbour Jay and messed up big time on a bag design and her boss recommends she takes a break from work.  The two women are in a muddle and decide to house swap... Think The Holiday but set in London and rural Yorkshire!

 I am pretty cynical when it comes to books like this.  I read them and like to think I can second guess the author and their cliched plot 'twists'.  Except I was genuinely pleasantly surprised by both the quality of writing AND the twists (I shan't ruin it for you!)  It's a real lighthearted Christmas treat - complete with recipes at the end for you to recreate some of the Christmas magic yourself.

My one complaint would be about the character Aidan, Rachel's husband, whom I just didn't really 'get'.  He's not particularly likeable and there isn't really the same resolution for his character as you would expect from a book like this... but besides that I really enjoyed it! 
It's the perfect easy read for those cold evenings in front of the fire with a cuppa!
Best bit? It's only 56p (!!!) 
So pick yourself up a bargainacious 56p eBook! 
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Anna Seaside said...

Just what I was looking for to read this Christmas - thank you! x

Nell C said...

I adore rural Yorkshire, and although not one of my favourites, I did enjoy The Holiday, so this sounds an enjoyable premise for a Christmas-themed book. I wasn't expecting there to be any 'twists' until you mentioned there were some! Interesting!

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