Friday, February 28, 2014

Wayward: Fetching Tales from a Year on the Road

Tom Gates quit his day job managing bands and took off on a worldwide adventure.  He funded his way around the world writing freelance articles for various travel websites -- making his way through twelve countries in twelve months.  Wayward is the amalgamation of those columns - a short and snappy book full of vignettes of travel adventures and people met on his wayward year away from the real world.

If it were a Harry Potter howler, it would have screamed "I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU."   

Wayward explains why Tom Gates felt the need to escape the grind of his day job working with some of the biggest names in the music industry, what eating dog in Vietnam was like, and the best / worst places to go clubbing in Buenos Aires.  It reads like a collection of short stories as you jump across oceans and mountains within moments with Tom; one minute you're in South America and the next you're in the back streets of Asia.  It is written with a renewing honesty and freshness - his humour allows for each of the stories to have an element of a good friend allowing you to read his travel journal.

This isn't a guide telling you the best places to eat; the ideal spot to take some potential Facebook cover photos; it is the people he meets, the experiences he has whilst travelling that quite simply no amount of rough guides could compete with.  You are introduced not only to the places he visited but more importantly you become acquainted with the vast host of characters he bumped into along the way.

I think if you're currently counting down the days to Summer and all of the adventures which you're planning on having then this will be the perfect interlude to keep your travel bug well nourished until you're sat on the plane drinking from a miniature can.  It's an essential read for those who love travelling {& I hope those of you who don't really 'get' the backpacking craze will understand it a bit more if you read this!}

Best of all - a kindle edition is only £3.30 - a lot cheaper than a round-the-world trip ;)

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