Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Recipe: Basic Pizza Dough


I've wanted to try and make my own pizza for some time now but have always been put off by the fancy recipes I've seen online.  Some require a granite slab, others for you to be making the dough on your counter, to pre-heat your baking tray, to own a specialist pizza oven, the list goes on..... They all seemed so complicated and trying to one-up one another.  I have tried to keep things basic here; the key thing here is learning how to make the dough.  It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it and you can make it in a big batch, freeze it, and use it later on.  Practice is key - so if, like me, you're a beginner I recommend you also ignore the fancy chef recipes and try this one and remember to let me know how you get on!  

If you're an experienced pizza chef feel free to share some pearls of wisdom in the comments!

To make two medium pizzas, you will need:

for the base:
- 300g strong white flour
- 1 tsp salt
as well as the yeast mixture:
- 7g dried yeast (these come pre-weighed in sachets)
- 300ml lukewarm water
- 1 tbsp caster sugar
- 1.5 tbsp olive oil

- lashings of mozzarella (I used one 125g ball between two and would've preferred two if I'm honest)
- tomato paste
- whatever toppings your heart desires! 

mix together the dried yeast with the sugar, olive oil, and the lukewarm water; let this rest for a few minutes.

sift 300g of strong white flour into your bowl; add the tea spoon of salt; create a well in the centre of the bowl

gradually pour the yeast mixture into the well; using a fork bring the flour into the mixture; keep adding the mixture and stirring until a dough-like consistency has formed

turn out this dough onto a floured surface; knead the mixture for a few (four or five) minutes; when the mixture is smooth put it back into the bowl and cover with a damp cloth; if you want a thicker crust let the dough prove for a while, after the dough has risen you will need to knead it some more.

on a floured or olive oil surface (depending on your preference) roll out the dough into two rounds.  the dough should be quite thin as it will rise in the oven. place onto a baking sheet with some tin foil and a dash of oil (if you like your base crispy!)

add your toppings! start with the tomato sauce, add some mozzarella, and whatever your heart desires!

heat your oven to 240'C / 220 fan / gas 8.  bake for 8-11 mins until golden and crispy.




Tessa said...

This recipe looks great, I've always wanted to try making my own dough but thought it looked to difficult. Might have to give this a try!

Bramble & Thorn

The Novel Project Chronicles said...

One trick I learned with making pizza at home is to put the pizza base on a screaming hot (dry) pan, then add your toppings while the base starts to cook before finishing it off in the oven or under the grill.

This way you get that scorched effect that you get from artisan pizzas but without any need to visit your local hardware shop to buy bricks or granite slabs :-)

Anne @ booksbakingandblogging said...

This looks like a great recipe! I haven't made my own pizza for aaages because making the dough seems like such a chore.

Louise Murphy said...

@ Anne - definitely agree about the dough! I spent the whole time I was kneading, proving, etc thinking "this is not as easy as everyone makes out!" but I then I figured it makes quite good financial sense given how expensive good quality pizzas are these days :)

@Novel Project - thanks for the tip! I shall be sure to try it once I've mastered this (rather basic) one! I am aiming to be up to stonebaked standards in about a year or so haha!

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