Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Recipe: Sablé Biscuits


Sablé biscuits are derived from the French term for 'breadcrumbs'.  They are so versatile; if you're looking for a simple biscuit to accompany a more complex dessert these can work well when cut into rectangles and kept plain. They can also be flavoured, I've recommended Vanilla essence but I think an almond essence would also work well; most importantly - they are very delicious!

If you attempt this recipe - let me know how you get on in the comments or tag me in a picture of them on Instagram; as ever, if you have any pearls of wisdom from your own baking attempts - be sure to share those too!


250g plain flour (plus some more for rolling)
200g butter
200g icing sugar
2 free range egg yolks
4 tbsp jam
Vanilla essence (optional)


Step One:

Preheat the oven to 170C/325F/ Gas Mark 3

Step Two:

Mix the very cold butter (100g) and the sugar (100g) together; then add the egg yolks

Step Three:

Slowly mix in your flour; adding a pinch of salt

Step Four:

Leave the dough to harden in the fridge for a minimum of an hour (some recommend leaving it overnight so the longer in the fridge, the better!)

Step Five:

Roll out the dough in between two floured sheets of cling film until it is quite thin (approx 0.5cm)

Step Six:

Cut out the biscuit shapes and place on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.

Step Seven:

Cut out a hole in the middle of half of your biscuits.  Do this once they’re on the tray!  The dough is really delicate so it’s impossible to successfully transport a thin biscuit with a hole in the middle (trust me, I tried…)

Step Eight:

Bake for roughly 10-12mins until your biscuits are golden.  They’ll be very soft when they come out of the oven, so be careful when removing them from the baking tray.

Step Nine:

Leave the biscuits to cool for a bit.  Take a small amount of jam and spread on to the non-holey biscuit; place the holey biscuit on top. 

Step Ten:

Dust with icing sugar; make a cup of tea, and enjoy!


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Marissa Jamie said...

This looks so delicious!! :)
Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

Louise @ reads + recipes said...

Thanks Marissa! I can confirm that they were delicious (I ate enough of them - just to confirm!)

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