Friday, January 16, 2015

'Funny Girl' from Daunt Books, Marylebone

Daunt Books in Marylebone is a treasure trove of goodies spread over several floors consequently I could easily spend hours in there.  It is predominantly a travel book shop (yes, like the one from Notting Hill) with sections dedicated to various countries and continents.  They run regular events and are fully stocked on the latest fictions and non-fictions as well as plenty of lovely cards.

The first time I visited was in the store itself, located on Marylebone High Street I was surprised at how big it was given its Central London location.  I found the layout of the store fascinating as it allowed you to travel the world author-by-author: it's a great way to discover new and interesting writing.

The second time was an online visit where I ordered the 'Funny Girl' package and found the whole experience so wonderful I decided to share it with you guys.   There are lots of  different gift bundles offered by Daunt that would be the perfect gift for any booklover [whether that be you, or someone else you know! ;)]  The prices vary and seem to have gone up over the Christmas period from when I initially ordered this (it cost me £35-ish at the moment they're charging £45).  I imagine they will be reducing the prices once the present buying craze is over.

The Funny Girl:


Daunt offers over fourteen different packages, each coming beautifully wrapped in brown paper and blue ribbon.  If you're feeling particularly generous they also offer subscription services [I'm just waiting for someone to buy me one!] Every month the subscriber will receive a new book based on their individual tastes and preferences [if you're buying it as a gift for somebody they will send out a letter explaining the system, encouraging the receiver to get in touch to let them know what type of books they like].    The prices range from £135 - £312.



Alice said...

I love Daunt Books, I'm waiting for someone to buy me a subscription as well!

Jennifer @ This Off Script Life said...

Sounds like a great place. I'll have to check it out the next time I'm in London (one of my favorite stores just opened on Marylebone High Street).

Beauty Balm said...

I loved Love Nina. A funny and endearing read x

Katie Burton said...

This is a lovely idea, I would be chuffed if I received this. You can't beat a brown paper package tied up with string (in the words of the great Julie Andrews).

I've been considering reading 'Not that kind of girl' because I love 'Girls' the TV show - would you recommend?

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