Thursday, February 21, 2013

Help! Literary London recommendations needed!

I have a favour to ask.

I'm researching literary representations of London transport in pre and post 7/7 bombing contexts.

That means - books, poems, plays, short stories that mention LONDON published in the late 90s - present. 

I think there will be tons and tons.  Obviously I don't have the time to read through everything written + published during that time.  So... I was hoping to draw on you, my lovely book-loving friends!

I am particularly interested in poetry and short stories mentioning or set in London during this period, but books and anything else, really - so if you know of any, know of anyone who might know of any, please please pass this on + get as many people involved as possible!

 I really want to have as wide a range as texts as possible to look at and I will be eternally grateful for your help!

Please leave recommendations for me either in the comments below or if you'd rather email me - my address is

PS: nothing is "too obvious" or "too obscure" or irrelevant in this context.  



Anonymous said...

I know you can get literary street maps of London. This site has some good details.
Hope it helps.

Louise @ readsandrecipes said...

That's great! Thank you!

Heather James said...

A Week in December (Faulks) could be a good one - particularly as you're interested in a 7/7 perspective.

Louise @ said...

That sounds exactly like what I am looking for - thank you so much!

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