Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Charing Cross Road Bookshops | London

If you hadn't already heard, this week is Independent Booksellers Week (#IBW2015 for those of you on Twitter).  Sadly there aren't any independent bookshops near me, I've spoken about this here, so I decided to hit the tourist hotspots of London in a bid to encourage those of you visiting the city this summer to pop in and have a browse! Charing Cross Road is moments away from Leicester Square tube station (be sure to pick the right exit though!) and is called the "literary artery" of London by TimeOut magazine.  It's easy to see why, with soooo many bookshops dotted along the road with various themes and specialties. 

Any Amount of Books

With a selection of books for you to browse on the street, this is a honey-trap for book-lovers.  Their website can be found here.  For me, this is the kind of bookshop which will ensure that companies like Amazon will never wholly dominate the bookselling market.  There are all kinds of books crammed in there and it allows you to spend your time browsing to find something you never would've read otherwise.  Internet bookshops are great when you know exactly what you want, but bookshops like this are perfect for treating yourself to discovering some brilliant new reads.

Henry Pordes Books

As you can see on the photo above, these bookshops are within a stone's throw of each other.  Henry Pordes Books has a website which you can check out here.  They specialise in antiquarian books, with a huge selection for you to peruse through.  They also have selections of art, literature, science, medicine and history books too!  It is a family run business, currently being run by Henry's son-in-law.

Koenig Books

This is the perfect bookshop for all you interested in art, photography or architecture.  It's also just really visually pleasing, opting for a minimal selection of eye-catching books over shoving books anywhere and everywhere.  This works well with the number of art-history books they stock as it allows you to take the time to browse and it is easier for you to find something that catches your eye.  It is a German-owned independent bookshop with other branches in London art galleries with its hub being based in Cologne.

Quinto and Francis Edwards Booksellers 

According to their website (which you can find here), they've just replenished their stock of secondhand books.  Which accounts for their brilliant selection.  Honestly, I could happily spend hours / a lot of money in here!

You can tell from the photos how busy this street is (I had a fun time waiting for a lull in the foot traffic which rarely happened).  It is super easy to find and in the centre of London.  If you decide to check them out, do let me know how you get on! 

// Will you be visiting any independent bookshops this week?  
// Are there many based near where you live?  
// Let me know in the comments!


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Anonymous said...

This is really useful. I'm heading to London this weekend to do some book shopping so I'll bear your list in mind. Thanks!

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