Sunday, July 19, 2015

Links of the Week | 19th July 2015


Sali Hughes's piece on her reliance on housing benefit as a teenager is essential reading

Bee's mini book reviews has a good selection of interesting reads

This piece highlights the necessity for context: don't allow your reading of an image to be overruled by assumptions w/out facts and information

Louisa Treger's guest post on little known contemporaries of Virginia Woolf has some names for those of you interested in modernist fiction to check out

Claire Fuller on Prime Writers - a group of writers who published their debut novel aged 40 or over - highlighting the importance of focusing less on the age of somebody's debut, but the quality

Maya Goodfellow on the buried brutality of Britain's colonial past

Five Libyan authors recommended by Elspeth Black

This isn't a link, more of a recommendation, but I saw Far from the Madding Crowd in the cinema - it's a picturesque re-telling of the classic Hardy novel, with near constant sunshine, and worth a watch IMO
 What have you been reading this week?  Let me know in the comments!


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